Mission & Principles

Our Mission

Party Lines is a grass roots action group created to motivate every American to connect with their community, activate their voice and call congress with a unified message of change.

Launched in January 2017 in response to Trump's policies and cabinet appointees, Party Lines is designed to help every citizen become a powerful change agent in protecting our civil liberties and restoring our democracy.

Created by Sasha Eden, in association with the Action Group Network, Party Lines has grown quickly thanks to the guidance of political insiders and advisers, 1 web designer, a dedicated team of volunteers and contributors, and the participation of thousands of people who are using the Party Lines resources to support their game changing calls.

Party Lines creates and provides resources to make it easy for you to take action. Making the calls alone can feel isolating. Calling together is inspiring. We want to help you move through your fear and step into the present in order to build a brighter future. What does the country you want to live in look like? This is our opportunity to build it – together.

One person connects to another – one voice inspires another.

The first step is calling congress with unified messages of change.

Guiding Principles

For The People

Because it is unconstitutional to be persecuted for the color of your skin, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We are a democracy comprised of diverse cultures and perspectives – it is what makes us great; our government was designed to serve and protect ALL the people of this country.

For Our Children

Because all children in this country are entitled to an inspired, safe, functional and free education, where religious agendas are not imposed, healthy lunches are provided, and discrimination, assault and gun violence are not tolerated.

For Our Liberties

Because since 1776 we have grown as a nation, progressing, evolving and amending our constitution to include measures that protect our civil liberties, advocate for equality, advance our health-care, support independence, and honor scientific advances. Suddenly, our government demands we accept the reversal of this progress – this can never happen.