Host Your Own Party Lines' Party

In Just 8 Easy Steps

1. Individuals from all 50 states register at to Host a calling-party for their network (friends and family). Any theme and size for a party is perfect - Potluck lunch in a rehearsal studio, breakfast at a coffee shop, retro disco early happy hour, afternoon coffee and cupcakes in a conference room, karaoke carpool, pajama breakfast party, post school drop off at 8:30 - you get the idea. Size can range from 4 people to 4000, and anything in between. Weekday work hours from 9am-5pm are optimal – this is when Gov’t offices and phones are open. However, voicemails, emails and faxes are counted too, and can be done on weekends and in the evening as well.

2. Host identifies venue for Party Lines event.

3. Host sends email invitations to their network for their party. Assembling your network and database is key to organizing and activism.

4. Hosts emails and prints out database and scripts from toolkit page to hand out to guests at party.

5. Guests arrive at Host’s party. Upon arrival, all guests receive printed Party Lines’ materials from host.

6. All guests make calls and emails immediately upon entry of party. This takes 10 minutes. Then guests can enjoy the party, connect and discuss their inspired, easy and effective activism.

7. Guests and Hosts post tweets, photos and messages on social media inspiring others to host calling parties. Tweet #uspartylinesworks

8. Spread the word and become a state ambassador for Party Lines – inspiring other people to host events as well! Now that you know how easy the calls and emails are, encourage everyone you know to participate.

THE GOAL: Congress members’ phones will ring and email boxes will be flooded with messages that cannot be ignored. The expanded volume of calls and emails to our reps will change the direction and outcome of Congress members’ votes. Politicians need to be reminded that the American government was built to protect and serve the people, not just one man’s agenda.