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Here you will find curated resources and tools designed to inspire your parties, calls and activism. Items include everything from a guide to "how to make a good call", downloadable scripts, essential phone numbers, websites, calendars and detailed databases. You can print these items out or view online, whatever works best for you and your calls!

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PL : Scripts

Hi Friends!

Welcome to your toolkit of updated Party Lines Scripts. We want to make your calls feel easy breezy. Once you start to make the calls, you will realize how manageable this is. It will almost seem too easy - like "This is what will help my country?! A quick call and reading a script?" But it's true. Your job is not to convince someone on the other line. It is simply to make the call, leave your message, and have your call counted.

GOAL: Participate and inspire others to do the same.

Remember - our American Government was created to serve and protect the people of this country, not the other way around. Our founders won a bloody revolution to ensure that a monarch or tyrant would never govern us. The least we can do is pick up our phones, and make a call with a script in hand. These calls are patriotic and positive.

Scripts To Download

ACA Repeal

  • The latest amendment to the bill strips away essential protections for people with pre-existing conditions while doing nothing to fix the AHCA's original problems. This is not acceptable.

    More information via pdf file below:

    Download ACA Repeal Script

    Senators Database

    Our Senators are listed alphabetically by state. Republicans are in Red, Dems are in Blue, Independents in Black.

    Multiple numbers are provided so as to ensure your ability to get through to one of their offices. If one number is busy, call an alternate office number.

    We are also updating this list to include which committees each Senator sits on. Once you know who is responsible for which item, you can call them all the time!

    Download Senators Database PDF

    House of Representatives Database

    This one is a little different than the Senators, as there are many Reps for each state, and you need to know your district in order to find your Representatives.

    So here is the deal:

    1. Go to www.house.gov and on top right of their website, you will see a place to type in your zip code. This will send you to a page that identifies your district and congress members

    2. Then come back here, and look on the Party Lines House of Rep database below to find your state, district and Congress members. The database is organized alphabetically by state. Once you know who your representative is, you can call them all the time!

    Download House Of Representatives Database

    More Government Contacts

    Some of our scripts and issues can and should be directed to other government leaders and committees. Many of them are listed below.

    Below is a list of additional important contacts to support your activism.

    Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House:

    Official Website

    Washington DC Office:
    Phone: 202-225-0600
    Fax: 202-225-2012

    District Offices:
    Phone: 608-752-4050
    Fax: 608-752-4711

    Phone: 262-654-1901
    Fax: 262-654-2156

    Phone: 262-637-0510
    Fax: 262-637-5689

    Senate Committee for Homeland Security:

    Phone: 202-224-4751

    Eric T. Schneiderman NY State Attorney General:

    General Helpline: 1-800-771-7755
    TDD/TTY Toll Free Line: 1-800-788-9898
    Immigration Fraud Hotline: 1-866-390-2992
    Healthcare Hotline: 1-800-428-9071
    Medicaid Fraud Control Unit: 212-417-5397

    House Committee on Education and The Workforce: (ACA and Education Issues)

    Tel: 202-225-4527
    Fax: 202-225-9571

    House Committee on Education and The Workforce: (ACA and Education Issues)

    Tel: 202-225-4527 Fax: 202-225-9571

    Department of Justice Civil Rights Division (Hate Crimes):

    Tel: 202-514-4609


    House of Representatives: Find Your Rep & District # Find Your Attorney General Find Your Governor Website Find Your State Legislature

    United States Constitution

    Just a little light reading to refresh your knowledge of American History.
    Plus, a helpful website to knowing your rights!

    Go To Constitutionus.com

    Michael Moore's Resistance Calendar

    Resistance Calendar Website

    Grab Your Wallet

    Take your power back. Stop spending money that goes to anything Trump related!


    Track The Congress!

    Visit Congress Tracker Website